Sunday, February 19, 2012

W101Moments: 1/27/2012 - 2/19/2012

-The awkward moment when you scream when you finally get the gear you wanted and your family is looking at you like you're crazy

-I can't stand when random people join my battle when I just killed the last one and have 200 health left.

-*First time getting a pet* OMG! Why is it chasing me!? 

-The awkward moment when you go into the Commons and there is NO ONE there. Well, that's a first.  

-Morganthe, Y U NO GO TO DR. PHIL!? 

-I hate when I go into a battle only to find out that I have no mana left..

-"What does GG mean?" Um, Gargantuan Gumball, everyone knows that! 

-Foo dogs need to be on a leash! 

-I wonder what would happen if wizards ate Mega Snacks....

- "Oh hey look, a Stone Block! :D" *random person cuts in front of you and takes it* "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!"

-The awkward moment when you're afk, you come back, and there is someone there just staring at you. .

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