Sunday, December 25, 2011

W101Moments: 9/24/2011- 12/25/2011

-The moment when you're all bladed up, ready to kill, and then the mods decide to finally shield... 

-Savannah Lions.. we meet again!! 

-What you always see in the Pet Pavilion. .

-When my group is all under 1000 health and the life wiz decides to use Forest Lord and we die. #Wizard101Moments.

-Come on, admit it. We've all pretended to cast Wizard101 spells IRL and sometimes act out the spell. .

-Question: How many Elephants does it take to get a pen & paper? Answer: Overflow Error.  

-The moment when you think you are about to Level up, but you are 1 Exp away... *Face palm* .

-I'm not addicted to Wizard101. I only play when I have time: lunch time, break time, off time, this time, that time, any time, all the time.

-[First walk into the Savannah] Cool! This place is awesome! *1 hour later* Lions AGAIN!?! Get me out of this place! .

-[Falls on my knees with tears in my eyes] Test Realm, *sniff* y u no work? .

-I can has health wisp? .

-Rebirth, Y U NO CRIT? .

-The awkward moment when you're the only one that hasn't gotten a Spritely yet while farming in a group. .

-Bazaar sniping should be a sport. .

-Wizard on friend list:"Hey!" Me:Hey, who are you again?.

-The awkward moment when you're about to snipe a Sunstone then your friend says "Yes! I GOT A SUNSTONE!" .

-"Warning: Do NOT feed the Trolls!" .

-I hate it when I'm going somewhere, it starts getting really laggy, and I just ricochet off of every building. .
-Oooooh, look a Bird bath. 'This item has already been sold' CURSES!! .

-The awkward moment when you can't find the exit in a tower and you just keep going around in circles. .

-"I whip my spells back and forth! I whip my spells back and forth!".

-Sometimes when I'm house decorating I wish you could just press Ctrl+Z to undo something. .

-When I hear something new comes out I immediately stop what I'm doing and try to find out everything about it. .

-We all know that one wizard who uses an emote in everything they say. :) :D ;) O_o .

-What is a TFC? The Fantastic Crab, duh! .

-Roses are red, violets are blue. Give me my gear, and I won't hurt you.

-The awkward moment when you meet someone with the same name as you. .

Friday, September 23, 2011

W101Moments: 9/5/2011-9/23/2011

-The awkward moment when you mess up your text chat message and it's just a weird conversation afterwards. .

-Getting the awesome talent you wanted is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! .

-The awkward moment when someone you don't know keeps repeating your name. .

-*Has a crown of infections on* Pet! Y U DO THIS? Y U NO WORK!?. Spritely is nowhere to be seen.

-The awkward moment when your friends decide to make you the human 'marked location' when you're at the Bazaar. .

-Wait for it..... TEST REALM!!! jk but I wish. ;) .

-Evil Snowman: Spits ice cream out and throws it at you. It's gross and delicious! :D .

Monday, September 5, 2011

W101Moments: 9/3/11-9/4/11

-You know it's going to be a good week when Ravenwood Radio is going to be on this Wednesday!!! .

-I hate it when I go get dinner and going as fast as The Flash and I see this "You've been disconnected due to Inactivity" 

-Feeling like a ninja after dodging several mobs. .

-Admit it, we all at one point imagined ourselves as a boss with our minions. .

-Look @ yourself, now to me, now look back @ yourself, now back to me. Sadly u arent me but if u use this new wizard wash u can smell like me

-"I'll name him Fluffy!" But he's a rock...? "So?" ......Nvm .

-The moment when it's time for dinner and you're in the middle of dungeon. 

-The awkward moment when you're standing at the Spiral Door and you have no idea where to go. .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best of #Wizard101Moments in August.


Sitting there with tears in your eyes as your pet gets selfish talent at Epic. "But..but... I was so good to you..." 

Per Ronan: "Did you know TPC is sponsored by Sierra Mist?"

Laughing out loud after gifting a best friend because you know his/her reply will simply be, "You twit" .

Stepping through the Spiral Door and seeing a brand new world for the first time!!

When you grab a quick health refill & port back to the boss fight you'd marked - but you leave a new mark instead. D'oh! .

W101Moments: 8/20/11-9/2/11

-You see someone with the mount you want and you stare at them for the longest time wishing that was you. .

-Awkwardly standing there with somebody and you don't know what to say so you just jump randomly. .

-I really don't want to dive into that sea of blue names trying to find a purple one. .

-The awkward moment when you mistake a henchmen for another wizard. *cough* ;) .

-You know there's a problem when monsters start going on the sidewalks and going into the walls. I wanna do that! .

-I'm not trying to force you to help me farm I'm just telling you how I need my gear and you WILLINGLY helping me. :) .

-"Dude, what's that!" That is a firecat... "OMG!" Ok.... .

-Twinkle twinkle little troll, your insults are really old. .

-[Opponent uses insane bolt and hits you] ":O" [You insane bolt and kill your self] "Oh, I see how it is..." .

-That mini heart attack when you're so close to a mob and almost get pulled in. .

-Hold on, the hurricane is messing with wifi. Brb in 5 minutes. Then we can farm WW! :D .

-Hey, did you get your gear yet? "No, not yet." Want to go for a few runs then? :)  .

-How did I just fizzle!?! Oh, hey Fallon... . :)

-The awkward moment when you're the only one that hasn't picked a card yet. .

-So you can go ahead of me in the tower but you can't help me? Thanks a lot NPC. .

-I wish I had some Miracle grow for these Couch Potatoes... .

-Dear Bosses, why do you do this to yourself? Just give me my gear the first time and I'll leave you alone. Sincerely EVERYONE.

-Why do I always have horrible luck on these packs? Maybe it's the time of day? "Maybe it's MAYBELLINE!" *zaps* .

-Just give me the bird bath and no one will get hurt. .