Saturday, August 20, 2011

W101Moments: 8/18/11-8/19/11

-I wish there was a spell that would just transport me to the bazaar. .

-Go away thunder storm. I need to play Wizard101 now. You can come later. .

-Um, I know you just didn't take the thing I needed.... .

-I hate it when I need to kill 'X amount of monsters' and they're nowhere to be seen. .

W101Moments: 8/17/11

-Randomly dancing in an awkward situation. .

-The moment when you turn in a quest and you're less than 100exp points from leveling. Really? D: .

-"All you do is go on circles and cast sparkles" Lies. I make my pets dance, explore cool worlds, and I quest with friends. 

-The moment when you are about to click play and then someone asks you to help them with something across the room. .

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

W101Moments: 8/16/11

-What did you just call me? Hold on, let me turn on my Caps lock. WHAT NOW! .

-We all have the one friend who is always on and ready to help. .

-Watching random PvP matches because you have nothing better to do. .

-"Hey [Insert name here]!" WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!? "Not you...." Oh.. Sorry.. ^_^ .

-*sees red broken link symbol* Internet, Y U NO WORK? D: .

-The sad moment when you have more crowns than gold. I has no $! .

-GAH! Why do you do this to me pet? Is it the snacks? Stop giving me these horrible talents! .

-Hmm. This candle doesn't match the rest of the room. *picks up everything* .

-I'll never regret adding you as a friend. Even though you port whenever you want, but hey what are true friends for? .

-To Flee, or not to flee. That is the question. .

Monday, August 15, 2011

W101Moments: 8/15/11

- The awkward moment when you try to talk to a school tree, repeatedly pressing X only to realize that it's a regular tree.

-Don't complain about me using treasure cards if you use them too. .

-I don't think you understand, I'M GOING TO WIN THAT HOUSE! .

-If you have a friend who asks for help constantly, you help them, and they don't return the favor when you ask them then someone needs to revise their friend list. #Wizard101Moments.

-Why am I doing your laundry, Cyrus? Just ask Balestrom for a tempest and then Falmea to dry. .

-Sometimes I wish I could mark more than one place so I could avoid that one minute of walking. . Sincerely, LazyWizards.

-When something new comes out I just have to have it! Why? ...I have no idea... It's just cool.. .


Question time!

Just a simple question that you can answer by commenting on this post. What is your favorite Wizard101 Moment? It has to be something that happened to you while playing Wizard101.

W101Moments: 8/14/11

-Just because they didn't accept your friend request doesn't mean they hate you. However, you did get their attention. ;) .

-The awkward moment when none of the friends that you usually talk to are on and you need to ask for help. .

-Teleporting to your friend and you teleport 5 more times after getting this message: "Your friend is busy." NO he's not! 

-Using regular snacks to get a pet to Epic is like watching a snail race. It'll take FOREVER. .

-Relaxing on the couch after a long day, remembering that you forgot to check your plants running over those in your way. .

-Wizard101 is down? NOOOO!! *falls out of chair* .

Sunday, August 14, 2011

W101Moments: 8/13/11

-Talking to your pet every time it casts Spritely. "Thanks you, Fluffy!" .

-Randomly dancing in The Commons and then everybody joins in. WOOT! .

-"Are you kidding me, dude? Look at my rank! I'll pwn you!" *rolls eyes* .

Saturday, August 13, 2011

W101Moments: 8/12/11

-The awkward moment when your friends asks you to be in a group and you don't know whether to accept or not. .

-Typing your password wrong the first time and you instantly think you've been hacked. No need to rush. .

-"hi you tube!" OMG RUN! 

-"And to think, we could have been great friends." Um, my friend list is full. "I'll never forget you!"  .

-"Cool!! Where did you get this thing?!" The Bazaar. "Oh....." .

-No one believes me when I tell them that they have a little creature chasing them. .

-When I'm on a boat and someone says "Port" I instantly think "Your friend does not want to be disturbed." .

Friday, August 12, 2011

W101Moments: 8/11/11

-"Don't you think you're going a bit overboard on this?" NOO!! I need that pet!!! O_O 

- "If you give me some treasure cards I'll gift you a mount!" .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

W101Moments: 8/10/11

-"Hey, can I port?".......*crickets*........"I'll take that as a yes!" .

-Running around The Commons singing songs. Yeah, I can do that. .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

W101Moments: 8/9/2011

-The awkward moment when a random wizard comes up to you and calls you 'Dad' .

-Guides? I don't need no stinkin' guides! ...Uh, where is this boss again? .

Monday, August 8, 2011

W101Moments: 6/19/2011-8/8/2011

-Hearing the Narrator's voice for the first time in Wizard101 = "Ah! It's the voices again!" #Wizard101Moments.

-My Troll-Dar just went off. *Shoots Shuriken* Shwing! .

-The awkward moment when you have to go play hide and seek with the NPC who has the yellow question mark. .

-[Enters Mooshu with friend] "WOW! These people are cows!" -- Thank you, Captain Obvious. .

-TEST REALM?!?! *faints* .

-When you fizzle 3 times in a row you know  is in the area.  . :)

-You're  if you've spent over 10,000 crowns on Dragon's Hoard Packs. Sorry I don't know how to spell doing. .

-The moment when you are one energy away from finishing all the needs of your plants. *waits patiently* .

-The awkward moment when you are trying to read what the NPC said in their voice. I can't speak like Moolinda. .

-The awkward moment when it's "the attack of the chat bubbles" and you miss someone asking you a question and they think you're ignoring them.#Wizard101Moments
-Turning on Full-screen after a long time and noticing things you haven't seen before. Wow this is way better! .

-The awkward moment when there is someone watching you play over your shoulder, breathing on your neck. "Yeeesss?" .

-I be in your Bazaar, snatching them treasures up! .

-The awkward moment when when you text chat the wrong person and they have no idea what you're talking about... "Uh nvm..." 

-The awkward moment when you find a wizard dressed like your friend and you accidentally ask them why they deleted you. 

-Filling with rage after 5 times of this... "Your transaction was not successful" 

-The awkward moment when someone yells your name and they're not talking to you. "How many of me are there?" .

-Working on some rug floating and getting stuck in a wall. ­­­:-\ 

-No, professor, I do not want to see you. Let me turn in the quest! 

-"The test realm is online." ....WHHAAATT!?! OMG! :D!  (Not really online at this moment)

-Staying up late to help a friend get a pet they always wanted, and when they get it you both celebrate.  .

-The awkward moment when you port to the wrong person they are in a fight, and you're out of mana. Uh-oh. 

-"Hey, can you port to me?" Uh... I'm kind of in a dungeon. "So, can you port to me?" -_- .

-One more snack and this pet is Epic! I hope it's Spritely! ....Mana gift... WHAT!?! .

-Yelling at the screen because you fizzled. .

-The moment when you are 1 reagent away from finishing a crafting item and you can't find it anywhere. Come on!! .

-Initiating attack mode when someone takes the reagent you were about to get. .

-The awkward moment when you realize after 3 matches that you're fighting the wrong monsters. 

-Trying to do the matrix when you're about to get caught by a mob and landing safe on the sidewalk. '

-The awkward moment when you're going to turn in a quest and you go in the wrong area. .

-"It's time for bed." No! Wait! Let me turn in this quest first!.

-There's a thin line between going to their location and removing.... Remember that. . "Ask before teleporting."

-The moment when everybody else gets the drop you want. * Initiate jealous mode*. .

-The moment when someone talks to you in ALL CAPS. *Ignored*. 

-The awkward moment when random people start petting you. O_o. 

-The awkward moment when your pet dances better than you. Jealous.

-The awkward moment when you're in the commons and someone comes up to you and asks to marry you... O_O 

-Double Spritely all the way! Across the fight! Yeah, yeeaah! It's so intense! 

-The moment when you are selling something at the Bazaar and then it says 'No Auction'. Ugh! 

-Having every card you need in hand but not enough pips. Darn you baby pips! 

-Clicking the commons button in another world expecting to go to the Wizard city commons. 

-The moment when you forgot to change your deck and your stuck in battle trying to find a card that's not there. 

-Entering the arena and hearing some trolls around and you step back out. 

-Training your pet and then getting to the snacks part and realizing you're out of Mega Snacks. Waste of my time. 

-Glaring at someone who just dispelled you, getting ready to punch through the screen. 

-Fizzling 3 times in a row and you're on the verge of going insane. 

-Heading to the Dye shop but accidentally going to the Bazaar. 

-Shaking after an intense PvP match. 

-Trying to decide between looks or stats. Hmm... Fashion is more important! 

-Searching for mana wisps then someone takes them. Grrrrr! 

-Trying to cross the street without getting caught then a random mob appears out of nowhere. FAIL. 

6/19/2011: The moment when you try to buy something you really need and this shows up "Your transaction was not successful" NOOOO! 

6/19/2011: Rolling your eyes every time you see "Can someone gift me?" 

6/19/2011: Saying "WHAT!?" when your opponent criticals and you don't block. 

6/19/2011: Having a tantrum every time this message pops up after a battle "Did not collect any items, please try again!" 

6/19/2011: The awkward moment when you try to ask somebody a question but you have a sever case of and is come oud wronh. .

6/19/2011: Walking by the commons and you hear "YOU NOOB" and you instantly stop to check it out.