Thursday, January 26, 2012

W101Moments: 1/2/2012 - 1/26/2012

-These guys aren't mean at all! Just don't make fun of his baking..

-The mini heart attack you get when you think you've sold the wrong thing. .

-I hate it when I pass by The Commons only to see "can someone gift me a ______" .

-I wonder what would happen if the the Fire Lions from Zafaria went to Marleybone. .

-Friend: "Hey, can you help me?" Me: Sure! *teleports over* Friend: "Oh nvm, I killed them." .

-Sitting there in the Pet Pavilion debating if you should buy more energy or wait until tomorrow. .

-The awesome moment when you finally get the talent you've been waiting for at Epic! .

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  1. hahaha I like the third to last one. There's a reason I always set up a marker before teleporting to somebody lol.