Friday, March 23, 2012

Preview Picture Puzzle

Looks like they've done it again! Wizard101 has released something similar to the Zafaria preview pictures, but this time they've split it up into puzzle pieces and they're spread out between ALL of the official fan sites! I know I'm going to take awhile to solve this puzzle and find out what it is! But in the mean time why don't you go check the fan sites out and figure it out yourself? It's elementary, my dear.
Here are the names of the fan sites in no particular order:

Valerian's School
Legends of the Spiral
Paige's Page
That Pyromancer
Ravenwood Radio
Mythspent Youth
Wizard101 Central
Wizard101 Wiki
Petnome Project
Ditto Wizard
Friendly Necromancer
West Karana
Diary of a Wizard

 Here is the link: Click

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